Entering A New Season

You don't have to be perfect to start, but you have to start to be perfect. 

For far too long, the local / independent Christian music and arts scene in Maryland has suffered. Every now and then you see a successful artist or musician. But overall it's a tough area for things to grow. That has been a challenge most aspiring Christian bands and performers have tried to attack alone. 

Going into that challenge unprepared, or worse, unaware, can quickly take it's toll. Loss of inspiration, focus, and energy are a direct side effect and in some cases the killing symptom in a once passion filled dream. That is where we are stepping in.

Sure, there are a few Christian focused venues in Maryland. We are not here to compete with them. But rather, to come along aside them, and help them and the artists out. As we grow, we are increasing staff and upgrading technology and tools to help this ministry and outlet grow better and stronger. 

We have always and will continue to keep God first, Jesus at the center, and follow the Holy Spirit in everything we do. There is a cry and a need to help our fellow brothers and sisters out and we are going to be answering that call the best we can. We will be looking for and finding artists and giving them a place to be. A place to perform and showcase the talents and abilities God gave them so He can be glorified and to help love and encourage others.